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Meet: Marloes De Vries

Lately, I realized that I follow a lot of creators on Instagram. Photographers and illustrators. Friends and strangers alike.  Thus, I decided it was time to give some recognition to all these artists. So, we decided to create a series called “the Creators“.  So, I’m really excited to start off the series with Marloes De Vries. We absolutely love her work! She continually creates relatable illustrations that make you say “That’s just like me!!”. Without further ado, here is Marloes De Vries!


Could you briefly introduce yourself?

My name is Marloes De Vries and I work as an illustrator and writer in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

How did you start illustrating?

It began with drawing for me when I was around 3 years old. I became obsessed with drawing and creating my own worlds. I quickly learned I could process my thoughts and feelings into drawings, and I have never stopped doing that.

I studied visual communication at art school and worked as a graphic designer, art director and photographer after I graduated. In 2010 I started illustrating again (after a break from drawing for about 4 years) and I rediscovered my passion for it.

What inspires you the most?

People. I am utterly fascinated by people and how they feel, act, talk, walk. Also, I am deeply interested in psychology and I have read tons of books on it. I incorporate that a lot in my work.

How would you describe your creative process?

For my own projects the ideas just come to me. Sometimes it’s in the middle of the night or maybe I see something while walking in the city that fascinates me and I build a world around it.
For client work, I usually start with brainstorming on paper. I jot down all the ideas I have surrounding a certain subject and from there ideas start flowing. After that I sketch in pencil what I have come up with, send it to the client and after approval I work the idea out.

Do you have any advice for aspiring artists?

Have faith in yourself.
I mean that in every sense of it. I see so many people plainly copying other people’s style and ideas I wonder: ‘why bother making art if it’s not your own?’. Every person is unique in their own way, so create things with your heart. The world doesn’t need copies, it needs original voices.
But I also mean it in the way of: don’t let anyone tell you you’re not good enough. I’ve been told so many times I’m not good enough. If I would have listened to those people (those were my teachers) I would have never become an illustrator.

What are your three favourite instagrammers?

Picking just 3 is so hard! It’s like choosing between my children 😀
I absolutely love @rebeccagreenillustration, she’s amazingly skilled and has such a kind heart. Always really supportive!

I have to mention @sarahandersencomics because her comics are funny but she doesn’t shy away from heavy topics. I love that about her.

Lastly @dickvincent. He makes lovely illustrations with a lot of nature and hiking involved. We got to know each other through Instagram but we’ve met up in real life too. Dick is a really kind and awesome person!

I hope you liked our first interview of the series! Please give her lots of love on her Instagram! And if you want to buy one of her designs, check out her web shop! Finally, if you have any suggestions of who we should interview next, comment them below!


  1. Infy

    Loved the interview and ive been following her for quite a while!!
    I also like these ones:
    @arizorus @bibicantdraw @straycurls

    • Sara

      Awesome! We will definitely check them out!

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