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Favorite Film Photographers 1.0

We both love film photography and mostly because of the same reason: Embracing the imperfections. A couple of months ago we went on a trip and met up with local film photographers on the other side of the world and realized even more the power of the community. We love meeting new film photographers through Instagram and bonding over this medium and art. So we thought we would present to you our favorite film photographers of the moment!

PS: the photographers aren’t presented in any particular order and these aren’t the only ones that should make the list. That’s why this is version 1.0

1 – Dan (


2 – Ana (@ana.logs)


3 – Alfred (@alfredoziano)



4 –Β Aubrey (@apetownshenanigans)



5 – Shinya (@t.1972)

6 – Lan Thi Β (@lanthinguyenn)

7 – Dawn (@dawnchapmanphoto)

8 – Ben (@thehardside)



If ever you know other great film photographers please pretty please comment them below so we can go admire their work (we won’t judge if you comment your own username because all we want is to meet new passionate people!)

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