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Best (Vegan) Cooking Class in Thailand

We spent last Christmas in Ko Lanta, Thailand and were looking for a great gift and fun activity. Our choice was pretty obvious: a classic (vegan) Thai cooking class! 

Before we left for Asia many people told us there’s two things we have to do in Thailand: a Thai massage and a cooking class. We didn’t think much of it until we arrived in Bangkok and realized we had to find Christmas gifts for our parents…in Thailand! Next thing you know we were looking online for the best Thai food cooking class on Ko Lanta (the island we were spending Christmas and New Year’s Eve on).

The first result was also the one with the most and the best reviews: Time for Lime. They’re located close to Saladan, right on Klong Dao Beach. Besides the cooking school they also have an awesome beach bar and even bungalows you can rent.

How does it work?

First things first, choose your package:

“THE SINGLE COOKING CHEF” – Price: 2,000 THB (about 60USD) per person
For those who want a “FULL ON, HARD CORE” from A-Z cooking class experience.
You have your own cooking station and cook your own food.


“THE PARTNER PACKAGE” – Price: 3,400 THB (about 100USD) total for both
Perfect for pairs who want to share the experience and save, not only time behind the stove but 600B too, whilst utilizing our idyllic beach setting and chilling out. A fun and easy Cocktail Class for one partner to learn one or more of our  “Famous” Signature Cocktails is offered too.

We went for the Partner Package because it cheaper (and because S. was more interested by the Cocktail Class than the cooking). You can ask them for the vegan version and they’ll make sure you have alternatives to animal products (in our case soy sauce, sweet potatoes and tofu). Partners can swap in the kitchen between meals but they don’t have to (we didn’t).

Learning about Thai food and ingredients

When you get there you have time to relax a little before the lesson starts, just enjoy a little cocktail on the beach while they prepare the kitchen. Next up: learning about the ingredients. The teacher will explain what the typical Thai ingredients are and how you’re supposed to use and eat them. It goes from the spices to the vegetables and the shrimps.

What and how you’ll be cooking

Our package included a full menu: we started with learning how to make curry paste, followed by a traditional pad thai, stir fried morning glory (the teacher said “fire or no dinner” because it literally has to make big flames when you fry it) and sweet and sour sweet potatoes. It was pretty amazing how the whole thing was organized. While we were cooking one meal on one side of the kitchen, the staff would come to clean up and prepare the other side. It never felt crowded or chaotic. If you would like to know what you will be learning to cook, you can look up their set menus for each day on their website!

The food was delicious and we learned so much about how Thai people cook and eat. I’m very happy that they really took into account the fact that we needed vegan options. We got soy sauce instead of fish or oyster sauce, extra tofu in the pad thai instead of eggs and shrimps, and roasted sweet potatoes instead of the meat.

Learn, eat and help the local animal shelter

Besides providing us with a great Christmas gift and delicious food, Time for Lime also fed our need to give back to the community. It turns out that Time For Lime is the largest supporter of Lanta Animal Welfare, the local animal rescue center that helps abused, injured & starving homeless animals found around Ko Lanta.

Our experience there was amazing and we can only recommend you go if you’re around there. Booking can easily be done online so do not hesitate (they have discounts for low season too)! Also, are you planning a trip abroad? Check out Our Favourite Mobile Travel Apps to leave prepared!

Last but not least, have you ever been to a cooking class in SE Asia before? Comment down below your experiences! We would love to hear about them 🙂


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  1. caroline

    Thanks for sharing the complete guide on vegan cooking class in Thailand. Vegan cooking is the best option for those who love to eat and also want to stay fit and healthy. There are many cooking schools in Thailand But, My boyfriend and I chose the “My Thai cooking” School for our first cooking class in Bangkok in Dec 2018. Everyone had its own cooking zone, equipment and ingredients and as you did in Bangkok we also prepared five dishes per course, after preparing each dish we sat together and enjoyed what we had just cooked before starting to prepare the next dish. After the cooking class, everyone received a cookbook with the recipes of all five beginner cooking classes and we still prepare many of these dishes at home. We liked the course so much. I will again join there when we will go to Bangkok next time.

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