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Meet: Isabelle behind Belliesartboutique

One thing I’ve been loving about these Discover the Creator series is how each creator we’ve interviewed has a different style. They are all amazing in their own creations. Isabelle’s illustrations from Belliesartboutique are no different. Her illustrations remind me of dreams. The animals, nature, dreamy landscapes. The kinds of dreams you are sad to have woken up from.

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Meet: Jennifer Dahbura

If you haven’t heard of Jennifer Dahbura, you are welcome. She is a small illustrator that deserves way more praise so we are beyond happy to put a spotlight on her. Her style is different and simply amazing.  Her choice of colors makes all her drawings fiery and full of emotions. However, what I love the most about her illustrations is that each one tells a story! Make sure to check out her work, you will definitely not be disappointed!

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