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We are a secret couple based out of Montreal. We love adventures, coffee and analog photography.

This all started from a small idea filled with big plans. She just finished university and wanted to see the world because she didn’t want to step in the corporate world. He received a Facebook message convincing him to leave everything behind and follow her to the other side of the world. Next thing we knew, we dropped off our cats in trusting hands, packed our bags and off we went. Many people thought this would be a make it or break it kind of trip but this thought never even crossed our mind. Leaving everything and wanting to live new adventures just brought us closer together. We met amazing people on the way, saw amazing things and just never wanted to leave. Although as we all know, even long term trips need to end some day.

Seeing so many places, we knew we wanted to share all these stories to whoever wanted to listen. So one night we were eating take out food on our bed in a small hostel and we came up with our name. We just went with it. We love coffee, biking, analog photography and foodie restaurants. The name stuck. Now here we are. We created our little spot in the huge world of internet and we’re just happy to be a part of it.

Finally, the best part about travelling is meeting people so please feel free to drop us a line 🙂

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