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Café Ferlucci – The Best of Both Worlds

If you are a coffee lover like us and live in Montreal, you know that we are blessed by living here. If you’d like, you can discover a new coffee shop each week. A coffee shop that we recently discovered is Café Ferlucci. Having seen pictures floating around on Instagram, we thought it was finally time that we went to have a look.

Knowing that it was a small coffee shop, we hoped that since it’s not exam period we had a chance of finding a place to sit to enjoy our cup of coffee. Lucky for us there was a little table waiting for us. Two coffees later and an olive foccacia bread, it’s safe to say that Café Ferlucci will definitely be on our list of coffee shops we are going to visit regularly.

Something for everyone

When you come in you are transported back to another era. Vintage posters on the wall, Diner-like clock, old records, twin peaks on VHS.. You get what I mean. However, Café Ferlucci is divided in two rooms. When you walk in to the second part, you are welcomed by a calming blue and specked tabletops. A local hatter and shoemaker owned what is now half of the coffee shop.  When he retired they bought his space to expand. What is amazing is that they have decided to keep the space as authentic as possible. This makes for a feeling of experiencing the best of both worlds.

If you are looking for a place that serves great Italian coffee or a place to eat wonderful sandwiches, Café Ferlucci is a great place to go! Lastly, the staff is amazing and simply make you feel at home. You should definitely visit when you have the chance!

Please comment down below any other coffee shops we should visit that we may not have heard about!

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