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Café Myriade – Escape the freezing cold

Oh Canada! You are beautiful but you love to tease us. One beautiful week in March, you will give us a taste of spring and then you turn around and hit us with colder days just to remind us that spring isn’t there yet. This is why so many Canadians try to escape the cold by going to the Caribbean during the first week of March. For the rest of us, who can’t afford it, we try to warm ourselves as best as we can. This is why finding a coffee shop that has good coffee and a cozy interior is a win (and that doesn’t freeze you to death every single time a new customer comes in).

Where to go?

So if ever you find yourself around Laurier Station and feel like going to a nice place to study or have a coffee with friends, make sure to stop at Café Myriade (Saint-denis). Check out their website here if ever you want to see all their locations around town.



Another great way to escape the cold is to get lost in record stores. Check out our post <here> about our favorite record stores in Montreal!

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