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Meet: Karina Isabelle

As we said in our previous article “Meet: Marloes De Vries“, we want to create a Meet the Creators series. Thus, we are very excited to present to you Karina Isabelle. We fell in love with her work through Instagram. She posts awesome cat illustrations that will put a smile to your face! Without further ado, here is Karina Isabelle.

Could you briefly introduce yourself?

Karina Isabelle, 29 years old, full-time graphic designer in an agency for 6 years now, and owner and illustrator for K.i., my small business of silk-screen shirts and prints.

How did you start illustrating?

I’ve been drawing for almost forever. I have a DEP in visual arts, during which I discovered the artistic methods I appreciated and with which I identified the most. However, it is during my graphic design studies that I found out what I truly love: digital illustration.

What inspires you the most?

Everyday life, everything that surrounds me. My themes evolve around my biggest passions: cats, food and coffee! I also enjoy illustrating funny phrases I hear or lesser-known expressions.

How would you describe your creative process? 

First of all, I’m inspired by what’s around me every day and trends, then scribble around to put my ideas in order. I’ll come back later on these drawings and “clean them up”.

Do you have any advice for aspiring artists?

Draw a lot and often, try different things to find your own style. Being “strongly inspired” by the trends can be tricky because they only represent what’s in right now. The important thing is just being true to who you are.

What are your three favourite instagrammers?

Cécile Dormeau’s account (@cecile.dormeau) for her always-hilarious illustrations.

Bookhou (@bookhou) for each of her wonderful creations.

Finally, Natasshia Neary (@ohthesweetthings) for her hand-drawn calligraphy and perfect delicate illustrations.

Once again, I hope you liked the interview! Please give her lots of love on her Instagram! If you want to buy one of her designs, check out her Etsy Account. Finally, if you have any suggestions of who we should interview next, comment them below!


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