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Meet: Nia Gould

Nia Gould also knows as Niaski has captured our hearts the first time we stumbled upon her series “What If Your Favourite Artists Were Cats?”. For any cat lovers out there, you will thank us for this. She creates beautiful illustrations that bring two worlds together beautifully. Art and Cats. Could it be any more perfect?

Could you briefly introduce yourself?

I’m Nia a designer/illustrator from Devon, UK.

How did you start illustrating?

My degree was in Graphic Design. I have a huge passion for typography so initially my practice and my work was very different. It all started when I decided to enroll on a screen-printing course and brush up on some skills that had long been forgotten. I needed a design and being cat mad I created Frida Catlo. This simple design was the beginning of the body of work you can now see on Niaski. 

What inspires you the most?

Having grown up in an arts environment I have a real passion for the arts and of course Cats. My current gang of cats consists of Sampson, Salvador, Frida and Pablo. These little fur beasts are the inspiration for all my work and they make for great company in the studio too.  

How would you describe your creative process?

I usually start all my work in the evenings. I love working at night, fairy lights on, cup of tea, packet of biscuits and some rubbish on telly. This is where all my most creative moments happen.

Do you have any advice for aspiring artists?

I work full-time as a graphic designer and I have built up my own business over the past year in my evenings and weekends only. My advice is, just do it, make the time and make it happen. Its amazing to see what you can achieve if you really push yourself.

What are your three favorite instagrammers?

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