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Meet: Nikki Van De Poel

As we promised in our past blog posts, we wanted to broaden this series to all kind of creatives. We are super happy to announce that Nikki Van De Poel also known as Satellite June on Instagram is our first photographer in the Discover the Creators series! We have been following her on Instagram since a couple of years and simply love how she accurately captures emotions as well as show the photographer behind the shot with her beautiful self portraits.

Could you briefly introduce yourself?

A film photographer (1988) based in the Netherlands. Living in a cute house on the countryside with my talented husband and our cat Yoko. Being on the road, exploring new magical places is kinda my thing. The way the sun slowly lightens up the endless mountain views in the morning, the way the rain makes everything sparkle, the reflections created in a lake, the wind making it look like all the leafs are doing a little dance. Yes, I’m a dreamer, but that’s what makes my work unique. Let me take you away to the little dream world I like to create with my pictures ♥

Why did you pick up your first camera?

I used to study fashion design and got my degree about 5 years ago, after a while I found out it was not my medium to express myself. I bought an analog camera and started experimenting with it and soon found out this was totally my thing. It was the perfect tool for me to express my ideas and turn them into stories. From the moment I first started shooting film, I was hooked. <3

What inspires you the most?

I get inspired by lots of things and this changes constantly as I keep on discovering new places and finding new fascinations while I’m at it. Natural light is my main inspiration when it comes to my photography. It can create the most beautiful shadow lines/shapes and put a magical glow on my pictures. I absolutely love the vibe from the seventies as well and try to incorporate this feel into my own work.

How would you describe your creative process?

When I’m making free work for myself, inspiration can come at any time. That’s why I always bring my camera with me, when the sunlight creates beautiful patterns for example I try to play with that and shoot some portraits. When I’m working for other people I usually sketch some ideas which I have in mind and find a nice location which compliments the image. My ideas can always change on the spot when I find interesting shapes and light, so it’s a constantly changing plan but always with a dreamy/seventies feel to it.

Do you have any advice for aspiring artists?

Try to take at least one picture everyday of something you find inspiring, this could be a color palette you like, a beautiful sunset, kittens, your loved one, anything as long as it triggers you in a way. After a while you’ll have a whole collection of pictures and it will probably be easier to see what your style is. All of these images together create a new story; your story.

What are your three favorite instagrammers?

@fireandjoy – absolutely love her pictures accompanied by the most wonderful stories, a heartwarming account

@jesseherzog – in love with his photography style, love his use of color

@kimbraaudrey – one of my favorite artists <3


Hope you liked our first photographer of the series! As always please comment down below any suggestions you may have of any creators you would like to “meet”!

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