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Our Favourite Vegan-Friendly Restaurants in Montreal

You’re vegan or simply love vegan food and don’t feel like dragging everyone to a vegan restaurant? We compiled a list of our favourite restaurants that have great vegan options! Here are the places we go that are vegan-friendly.

On top of showing you our favourite spots, we share with you what we typically order. Note: He is vegan and she is vegetarian.

La Banquise

You feel like poutine but are saddened that the gravy is made with meat broth? Well, you’ll be happy to know that La Banquise offers  vegan gravy and even vegan cheese! They have an all ready to go vegan poutine called “La Véganomane”. However, you can add any extras that you want and make it your own!

What he orders?

La Véganomane with extra peas and tomatoes.

What she orders?

La Taquise with vegan gravy

Leché Desserts

You love donuts (because seriously who doesn’t?)? Léché Desserts offers 4 vegan donuts! They are by far our favourite donuts ever. The none-vegan ones are also aaaah-mazing. They are the perfect sweet breakfast or the best friend to your coffee!

What He Orders?

Lime & Coco and a Passion Fruit Donut. He might even throw in a Sugar & Spice if he’s feeling hungry.

What She Orders?

Sugar & Spice and a Cheesecake donut.

Satay Brothers

Satay Brothers is the places that makes us feel as if we’re right back in South East Asia. With their amazing papaya salad, morning glory or their gado gado. The place is always full and it is for a reason!

What He Orders?

Tempeh satay, Veg of the day with garlic and the gado gado without egg.

What She Orders?

Papaya Salad or the Tofu Steamed buns.

Tejano BBQ Burrito

You are craving burritos? This is the place to go! In our opinion, the offer the best burritos around! Also,  their portions are big so you will definitely be well fed after coming here. No need in taking the combo!

What He Orders?

The Veg Burrito = Tex Mex rice, Black Bean and Hominy Chili, Refried Pinto Beans/Roasted tomato Salsa/Pico de Gallo/Cilantro/Lettuce/Jalapeños/Corn/Guacamole

What She Orders?

The Veg Burrito = Tex Mex rice, Black Bean and Hominy Chili, Refried Pinto Beans/Roasted tomato Salsa/Pico de Gallo/Cilantro/Lettuce/Shredded Cheese/Sour Cream/Guacamole/Marinated Onions

Pizza Pizza

When we found out that Pizza Pizza had vegan cheese, we were so happy!! We can finally order pizza delivery! This is a big deal for those who love not going out for food. Pyjama party for the win!

What He Orders?

We split a pizza: Vegan cheese, thick crust and well done. He gets onions and tomatoes on his half.

What She Orders?

She gets red onions, tomatoes and mushrooms on her half.

Les Co’pains D’abord

Les co’pains d’abord is a great place to get a sandwich for lunch! They also have delicious pastries! Perfect combo.

What He Orders?

Half a baguette with végé paté. In exchange of the mayo and cheese, he gets tomatoes and pickles.

What She Orders?

Half a baguette with végé paté.

L’Gros Luxe

If you are nearby any of their locations, it’s always a great idea to stop by. Their food is amazing for anyone with any kind of diet.

What He Orders?

At L’Gros Luxe: Veggie burger (vegan style)

At L’Gros Luxe Végé:  “Chicken” Waffles

What She Orders?

At L’Gros Luxe: Veggie burger with an extra goat cheese

At L’Gros Luxe Végé: Veggie Pulled chicken burger


Fortune is a restaurant you need to go at least once in your life. They offer amazing dishes that are a mix of all types of flavours that just work together. You can even order to go!

What He Orders?

1 taco Chou-fleur rôti  and 1 taco courge rôtie

What She Orders?

Guédilles végé tout garni

Extra :

You like great beer and food is a second part of the night? These two bars are great picks with vegan food!

Vices et Versa

Vices et Versa is a great bar that offers dozens of microbrews on tap! For food, he ordered the vegan burger and she ordered the tofu sandwich.


Etoh is also a great bar that we love to go to! The reason why it’s on top of our list? It’s really close to home and they have themed nights! For food, we split a vegan nachos!

You have any vegan-friendly restaurants you love to go in Montreal? Please comment them down below, we would be really excited to try them out!

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