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Best Bars to Try Microbrewery Beer in Montréal

I love a great bar that serves microbrewery beer. As soon as I see local microbreweries on the menu, I know it’s going to be a night for testing out all the different flavours.

It’s safe to say that we are a “Stay Home Club” couple. Luckily we have a great shop close to home that has a great selection. So you can find me trying out a new beer on a Friday night in my pyjamas in front of a good Netflix series. However, it’s always fun to go out on Friday night and live the full experience with friends or simply your significant other. We aren’t big bar people but somehow these are the ones that we find ourselves going back to. All these bars have something in common. Great atmosphere and a great selection. You can find something for everyone!

Mile End

Dieu du Ciel

You can’t write an article about Montreal bars without talking about Dieu du Ciel. They are an amazing microbrewery from Saint-Jérôme and have a bar in the Mile-End. It’s a great place with amazing beer. They are definitely one of my favourite microbreweries. Lastly, it’s a small place, always full but worth it! It’s not without reason that they just celebrated their 19th anniversary!


Helm is a local microbrewery. They have a small beer menu. Nevertheless, the beer they serve is excellent. They have brewed a great beer for everyone’s taste. They also have fun cocktails if beer isn’t your thing. My advice to you is to be here for happy hour and go for supper across the street to L’Gros Luxe.


Isle de Garde

Isle de Garde is great for their ever changing menu. You can go back and always try something new. Feel like trying a funky beer? You will definitely find a few! The only downside is that the place is always full! However, it shows you how popular it is!

Vices et Versa

Vices et Versa can be found just off of Beaubien and Saint-Laurent. One of my favourite things about this bar is that they have a great terrace out back. It’s a great spot to go on a Friday night out with friends or a sweet date night with your significant other. For the herbivores out there, they offer a vegan burger!


Etoh is the closest to our apartment so it is safe to say that we mostly find ourselves coming here. Tuesdays they even have a fun little concert. However, if you are looking to have a conversation with a long lost friends, it’s best to sit at the back. What’s great is that they even brew their own beer that you will only be able to drink there. Vegan? They have vegan nachos with vegan sausages.

Lastly, if you just want to stay home but enjoy a great beer, make sure to stop by “Veux-tu une bière?“. They have everything you could possibly need! You liked our article and feel like discovering more great things? Check out our Discover section!

You know other great bars in Montreal that serve microbrews? Please comment them down below!


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