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If You Love Lush, You’ll Love These Alternatives

We have been Lush lovers for years! Especially their bath bombs! There’s nothing like the feeling of putting one in your bath and watching the magic happen. However, we decided it was time to support local companies.  The closer to home the better! The following are all Canadian cruelty free brands.


Photo via BKind

As stated on their website, “[their] mission is to provide quality products that are not tested on animals and are completely safe for the environment.” You can find anything you need in this Montreal based brand. Here are our favourite products!


Herbal Bath Mix


Coffee and Pepermint Body Scrub 

Red Nail Polish – Lady in Red


Konjac Facial Sponge – Rose Flower

Superfruit Face Moisturizer

Glowing Face Scrub – Turmeric


Shampoo and Conditioner Bar Duo – Orange and Eucalyptus

To find out more, check out Bkind’s website.

If you want to discover which BKind products made it into our April favourites, check it out here!

Cocooning Love 

Cocooning Love is also a Montreal based brand. They sell only products that are not animal tested, without the use of any chemicals and only made with fresh ingredients. You can see why they made the list! Here are our favourite products!


Whipped Exfoliant – Coffee & Vanilla


White Mask – Nourish and Moisturize


Dry Shampoo – Cactus and Agave

 Cactus & Agave​Solid Shampoo & Conditioner Duo


Coconut Lip Balm

To find out more, check out Cocooning’s Love website.

T. Lees Co.

Canadian Cruelty Free Brands
Photo Via T. Lees Co.

T. Lees Soap Co. started as a hobby. They quickly realized their success from their friends and family that they decided to launch their business. The brands’ main goal is to minimize packaging and offer products that customers will love. It’s safe to say that they succeed quite tremendously in following this goal! Also, their products are vegan and cruelty free. Here are our favourite products!


Fresh Eucalyptus Soap

Evergreen and Champagne Soap​


Fresh Eucalyptus Candle

Cypress and Fig Candle

To find out more, check out T. Lees Co.’s website.

Wilderness Soap Co.

Wilderness Soap Co believes that we are all part of the wilderness. This is why we should only use products that come from the wilderness. They are an eco-friendly brand that offer only vegan and cruelty free products. All products are handmade in Collingwood, Ontario. Here are our favourite products!


Coconut Milk Bath Soak

Luxe Bath Soak


Java Scrub

Muscle and Joint Balm

Vanilla Vetiver Body Butter

Coconut Milk Soap Bar

Lavender Soap Bar

Eucalyptus Sea Clay Soap Bar

To find out more, check out Wilderness Soap Co.’s website.

Buck Naked Soap Company

Last but not least is the Buck Naked Soap Company. You love bath bombs? This is the place to buy them! All of their bath bombs are vegan and made with natural products. Here are our favourite products!


Lavender Rosemary Bath Bomb

Himalayan Salt and Eucalyptus Bath Bomb

Gold Rush Bath Bomb

Rose with Moroccan Red Clay Bath Bomb

Lavender Bath Melts

Eucalyptus Bath Melts

To find out more, check out Buck Naked’s website.

Hope you like our little list! Make sure to check out our Discover section for more cool findings!

Have you tried any of the above brands? Do you know any other great local cruelty free brands? Share them with the rest of us and comment them down below!

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