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Our Favourite Candles to get you Through the Winter

Winter is the best time to invest in candles, especially now. February is here which means that the winter is going at it’s full force. Here in Montreal, February is probably one of the worst winter months. You feel as if spring is around the corner but it’s not. This month is filled with temperature peaks, snow storms and freezing rain. This is why so many people get fed up and escape early march because they just can’t handle the cold any longer and need some vitamin D in their life. I totally understand this since I am guilty of this behaviour for years. It’s not by accident that we missed 80% of the winter last year.

In order to survive such cold months we need to do everything we can to embrace the cold. You can either go outside and/or stay inside and make yourself a little cocoon. What we mean by that is lots of covers, hot chocolate, Netflix shows. You get the picture!

One of the key products that you need for the perfect winter escape cocoon is a candle. A candle can set the mood to anything you want. You can go for something fresh, nutty, floral… Anything you want!

If I am being honest, I didn’t always like candles. My love for candles was unexpected and hit me like a wave. When I was younger I always thought candles wasn’t for me. I found that they smelled too strongly which would give me a headache.  However, last year all of this changed. One day, G came home with a candle from Urban Outfitters that I fell in love with. Since then, we now have a cupboard full of candles with different fragrances for every mood.

Our picks

Boy Smells / The Burlap BagCandlefishEsser Studio / Norden / Square Trade Goods Co. / T. Lees Soap Co.

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