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Favourite Linen Pieces | Etsy

Linen is such a great textile. Did you know that it dries faster than cotton? This is why it’s great to wear when in hot and humid climates. The other great thing about it is that it’s simply beautiful so that’s a great reason to wear it year-round. Just add tights and/or a long sleeve shirt with a linen dress and bam! You’ve got an awesome winter-friendly outfit.

The other day I was scrolling through Etsy and found these lovely shops that make linen pieces. The great thing about buying through these types of shops is that you pick what you like and then pick the colour you want. Another reason to feel good about your purchases is that your supporting local creators and investing in quality pieces!


Dress | Jumpsuit | Pants

Off On

Dress | Sleeveless Dress | Jumpsuit


Jumpsuit | Dress | Coat

Let me know what your favourite linen pieces are and your favourite Etsy shops down in the comments!

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