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Get Cozy This Fall

I absolutely love Fall. It is safe to say it’s one of my favourites. However, I’m always cold so I need a couple of layers to truly enjoy it! For a second we thought it would never get here with the 40 degrees we’ve been experiencing in Montreal for the last week! Now that the season has officially arrived, grab yourself a hot chocolate and read our tips to enjoy Fall to the fullest!

Light a Feel Good Candle

Fall is the coziest season in my opinion. Thus, it’s a no-brainer to grab your favourite candle and light it up to set the mood! Here are a couple of our favourites:

Pick Up a Latte At Your Neighbourhood Coffee Shop

We are big coffee drinkers. We do coffee crawls on the weekend for the fun of it! Thus, for us, any reason is a good reason to grab a great coffee! With the temperature dropping, getting a coffee makes for great city adventures. Put on your clothes and walk  to your favourite neighbourhood coffee shop or maybe find a new one that you never knew existed! You’re not a coffee drinker? Grab a hot chocolate instead! Here are our favourite coffee shops close to home:

Cuddle Up in Your Favourite Blanket

Temperatures are dropping so you need to find some warmth. First thing I do when coming back after work is cuddling up on the sofa under a blanket. Cozy and comfort! The only thing missing is a fireplace!

Bake an autumnal dessert

Wether you are a die hard fan of pumpkin spice or prefer apple and cinnamon in your desserts, this is the best season to bake! Summer gets warm and stuffy so definitely not a fun time to bake. The moment the temperature drops, it’s time to get your cookbooks back out! Here are a couple dessert recipes to get you started!

Cinnamon Bread with Apples & Walnuts

Apple Pie Taquitos  (For vegan version, just use vegan margarine)

Fudgy Vegan Walnut Brownies 

Find Yourself a Cozy Sweater

As you can’t walk around in your favourite blanket all day (unfortunately), you need a cozy sweater to still be as cozy as you are inside your home as outside.

Listen to a Forgotten Record

Our front room is basically a hang out room without a tv. That’s where we keep all our records, a super duper comfy couch and a desk. So, what’s more comfy than listening to a relaxing record that you’ve forgotten about all summer when you were busy dancing to some upbeat album!

Hang Out in a Onesie Pyjama

Hanging out in your pyjamas is always fun.  It’s what we live in during the weekend. However, what is better than pyjamas? Onesie Pyjamas! They bring you back to being a kid and they are super comfy. Most importantly, they keep you super warm!  Note: Get ones with the feet included.

Go Apple Picking

I feel like this is the most autumnal activity there is! It’s also a great group activity. Grab a couple of friends or call up your family and go apple picking! I know there a couple of places around Montreal. Here are the links:

Cidrerie-Verger Boutin

Verger Au Coeur de la Pomme

Vergers et Cidrerie Denis Charbonneau

La Magie de la Pomme

Verger du Flanc Nord

Buy Yourself a Big Scarf

Same as the sweater logic. You need something to keep you warm outside. While wearing just a sweater with a light jacket is fine. Don’t you feel better wrapped up in a scarf? It’s like a blanket for your neck!

Play in the Leaves

Are you really enjoying fall if you don’t act like a kid and throw yourself into a pile of leaves? I’m just saying that’s just the most fun part!


Comment down below what your favourite fall activities are!


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