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Holiday Gift Guide: Coffee Lovers Edition

As coffee lovers, we could not not write a gift guide for coffee lovers. We all know at least one person in our lives that just seems to run on coffee. Someone that loves coffee as much as Agent Cooper in Twin Peaks. Am I right?

So to make your lives easier if you simply do not know what to buy, here are a couple of things that you simply cannot go wrong with! Take your pick between incredible coffee roasters, coffee makers, a body scrub and, of course the classic, mugs for on the go and the stay home club member!

49th Parallel Holiday Espresso / Saint-Henri Les Carillons / Pilot Coffee Roasters Holiday Blend

Aeropress / Mint Diner Mug / Nanopresso

French Press / Café Moka – Body Scrub / Keep Cup


If you have any great ideas for the coffee lovers in your life, make sure to comment them down below! Also, if you know any great coffee roasters making a holiday blend for the festivities, we would love to try them out!

Our next gift guide will be for those in your life that much rather stay home than go out!

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