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Shopping List: Fall is here

Fall has arrived even though the Montreal weather doesn’t know it yet! Changing seasons means everything changes. Fashion pieces, activities. Everything to make a smooth transition from Summer to Winter. I don’t like the idea of big hauls so here are the three things on my shopping list this week to get settled for the colder months to come.

An Autumnal Hat

the nightfall
Photo via Lack of Color

Like a friend once said to me, when you want a hat then you buy a hat. Funny enough, I learned this year that when I was a child I did not want anything to do with anything that went on my head. I hated hats. I did not even want to wear party hats at my own birthday. No princess crowns no nothing. However, since a couple of years, my love for hats has grown stronger. The only thing is I never had the courage to wear one. I thought they were too out there for me. I also thought that I could never pull them off. My thoughts on hats changed when I figured out that I didn’t really care about it and I just bought one. I love it so much! I bought it in Sydney from a brand called “Lack of Color“. Since we came back from our trip I have been looking more and more at buying another one. This time, I wanted a wool hat. This is why my next hat will definitely be another one from Lack of Color. Find the hat here.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Photo via BKind

Next on my list is a Shampoo and Conditioner. I have been using Lush shampoo and conditioner bars since a year or so. However, I have been wanting to change. I love Lush products but don’t feel like they are moisturizing enough. They seem to make my hair all frizzy. Thus, I feel like I am in need of a change. A month or so ago, I found the brand “BKind”. They are a Montreal based brand and make vegan products. Local and animal friendly sound great to me! When I will finally have finished my current shampoo and conditioner, I will stock up on this little gem! Can’t wait to tell you guys my initial thoughts! Find the shampoo and conditioner here.

A Feel Good Candle

Photo via T. Lees Soap Co

The leaves started changing and falling on the ground. I hate the cold but Autumn is probably my favourite season of all. Fashion wise it’s the time where you can dress up any summer outfit. If that makes any sense? It’s the season where you cuddle up inside under a warm blanket in your pyjamas and watch a good series. I think a fresh candle just perfects that combo. We bought no 15. However, it has been discontinued but you can find a similiar candle here.


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