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Meet: Marijke Buurlage

Marijke Buurlage is an illustrator I have been following on social media for years. She always uses a lot of colours that just seem to fit together and transport you to another universe. Through her illustrations, she creates a new place where you can get lost in. Something amazing is that she was a part of a children’s book called “Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls“.  She created an illustration for one of the short stories. Even if I don’t have any children I just want to buy it for myself! If you love her as much as we do make sure to check out her webshop.

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Meet: Jenna Paddey

Jenna Paddey is an illustrator we stumbled upon on Instagram. We saw an illustration she made in our Explore page and just instantly loved all her portraits. Also having just binge watched the two seasons of “The Crown” we couldn’t help but love the portrait she made of Margaret. Her use of a pastel palette is simply amazing. She demonstrates that you do not need to use bright colours to catch your attention!

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Café Ferlucci – The Best of Both Worlds

If you are a coffee lover like us and live in Montreal, you know that we are blessed by living here. If you’d like, you can discover a new coffee shop each week. A coffee shop that we recently discovered is Café Ferlucci. Having seen pictures floating around on Instagram, we thought it was finally time that we went to have a look.

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Meet: Mark Conlan

Our most favourite thing of this series is to see how every one’s styles are so so different. You can see a little piece of each creator in all that they create. Since temperatures are dropping and it’s getting colder outside, we want to introduce you to an illustrator that will bring colour to your life. Meet Mark Conlan. He has created a beautiful universe with creations you can find yourself in. We hope you enjoy his art as much as we do!

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