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Meet: Cloudy Thurstag

Hello everybody! We still hope you are liking our little interviews. I would just like to mention how happy we are to have so many talented people answer our questions. As some of you might have noticed we like to keep the same questions for each artist. This way we can really see the differences between each creators and how there is not one way to being successful. Everyone is different.

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Get Cozy This Fall

I absolutely love Fall. It is safe to say it’s one of my favourites. However, I’m always cold so I need a couple of layers to truly enjoy it! For a second we thought it would never get here with the 40 degrees we’ve been experiencing in Montreal for the last week! Now that the season has officially arrived, grab yourself a hot chocolate and read our tips to enjoy Fall to the fullest!

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If You Love Lush, You’ll Love These Alternatives

We have been Lush lovers for years! Especially their bath bombs! There’s nothing like the feeling of putting one in your bath and watching the magic happen. However, we decided it was time to support local companies.  The closer to home the better! The following are all Canadian cruelty free brands.

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