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Where to Get Film Developed in Montreal

You just started film photography, are visiting or just want to know where to get your film developed in Montreal? You’ve come to the right place! Here are our three favourite analog photography places in town.

Studio Argentique

Are you an analog photography fanatic in Montreal and are looking a place to meet other film photographers? This is the place to go! Unlike other shops, they process all black and white as well as colour film in-house. And you don’t need to stress about the quality of the development as the owner develops all films himself. They recently acquired a new scanner and can do high-resolution scans of 35mm and 120 films.

Studio Argentique also sells a lot of different films. They’re not the cheapest in town but they often have rare or very special films (probably the only place in Montréal where you’ll always find Cinestill). If you need supplies for your own darkroom, you’ll find everything you need there too. Visit them at 355 Rue Rachel E.

Photo Service

This must be the oldest photo store in Montreal and is our go to choice to develop colour / C41 films. Their prices are decent and they are very reliable. If we are not mistaken, it is the cheapest place we found to get our colour film developed. Also, films are usually processed in a couple of days and they accept a variety of films (35mm, 120, 220, 4×5, 8×10 and APS).

They sell most the the classic brands and films, including the professional ones. If you need anything from Kodak, Fuji or Ilford, you’ll definitely find it at Photo Service. Also, they offer fairly cheap rental services. Ever wanted to try a Hasselblad or a large format camera? Check them out at 222 Notre-Dame St W.

Photo St-Denis

Short on time? Come here. They develop your colour film in 1 hour or less and your black and white film in a day.  However, time is money. They are the fastest but definitely not the cheapest. You’ll find them at 3772 St Denis St.

These three studios are by far our favourite. If you want even more options, you can go to Boréalis Laboratoire Photo, Centre Japonais de la Photo & Camtec Photo.


Hope this information helps! If you are wondering where to buy cheap film in Canada, we’ve got you covered too!


  1. bebop hoover

    This is so helpful for a film user moving to Montréal.
    Thanks for putting this information out!

    • G

      Our pleasure, glad it helped 🙂

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