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Best Decisions We Made During Our Asian Trip

More and more people are deciding to leave and discover Asia. Maybe for a week, a month, half a year. We did the half of year trip and here is a list of our best decisions.

  1. We decided to use our GoPro to film a lot of our trip

    Now that we are back we are even happier that we decided to film our adventures. Taking pictures is great but you don’t get the same feeling as when you watch your videos over. Seriously, film your trip.

  2. We didn’t plan everything out

    Before we left, we decided on which countries we would go to, in what order, which city we would start in and that’s pretty much it! The rest of the trip we decided to just go with the flow. It may sound weird to some of you but it made the trip much less stressful. We would just live in the moment. We arrived in a city that we fell in love with so we would decide to stay a week and it was great to give ourselves that luxury. Planning every single minute of your trip would be a great mistake. Especially in Southeast Asia.

  3. Going together

    Some people say that traveling alone is the only way you will truly meet other people, live your adventure to the fullest and whatever else you may have read on other blogs. We believe that going together made the trip even more wonderful. We lived an intense adventure together which means that when it was set and done, we still had each other to talk to and reminisce about that crazy trip. If you have done something like this, you will realize that not that many people care about your crazy adventure while they were at home living their life routine. Go with someone you know you can endure 24/7 and start living the dream!

  4. Embraced each other’s set of skills

    Look at this trip as a project. Embrace each other’s set of skills and use it to your advantage. Let me explain. Me, I like to google for hours on end and feed my wanderlust by searching for places to go. He is amazing at puzzles. Any kind of puzzles. So figuring out how to get from point A to B is something for him to solve. So I find where we go and he does all the practical stuff (like booking train tickets in Indonesia, for example).

Hope these little tips help! Always love to hear about other people’s experiences and tips you may have! If you do, comment them down below 🙂

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