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Top things to do in Curaçao

Curaçao stole my heart. You might have heard of Aruba but did you know that Aruba was part of three Dutch islands? They are: Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. Let me tell you, now that I’ve traveled to Aruba and Curacao… Bonaire is next on my bucket list. Sorry, let’s get back to Curacao! Curacao is a magical place. The island has a very dry climate and a very rocky landscape. Cliffs, cacti, turtles and amazing blue waters is how I would describe it. It was amazing. If you are thinking of visiting, please do and add these top things to do in Curacao on your list!

1. Willemstad

If you love little port towns and coloured walls, you have to check out Willemstad. Being the capital of this small island, you cannot miss this cute little town. When we first arrived and were standing in the famous spot where you can see the coast line perfectly, it reminded me of a colourful Amsterdam. Restaurants serve Dutch classics and everyone speaks Dutch! You truly feel like you’re in the Netherlands. Funny enough, I went to Aruba a couple of years ago (also part of the Netherlands Antilles) and I did not quite get this feeling as much as I did in Curacao.

What to do there?

Willemstad is filled with little shops so it’s a nice city to just stroll around and take pictures in front of the beautiful walls.

Top things to do in Curacao

Where to eat?

One night we decided to eat at one of the “over-water” restaurants. However, we were a little disappointed. If you are in Willemstad, get a bite to eat at “the Gouverneur”. Their food is simply delicious and order a local beer with your meal. Since you are on the other side of the water, it’s the perfect place to eat with a view of the beautiful colourful houses that make Willemstad so touristy! We ordered the Goat Cheese Sandwich and it was deliiiiiicious!!

Top things to do in Curacao

2. Santa Martha Look Out

I discovered this on Instagram and immediately decided I wanted to go there! It’s a beautiful view and actually pretty hard to find if you don’t specifically look for it.

How to get there?

Make sure to download! As we mentioned before, this is probably the best maps app to use when travelling as it works offline, so you are not using any data as that can be crazy expensive! Another reason to convince you, this viewpoint is not even shown on Google Maps.

When you open your app (make sure you downloaded the Netherlands Antilles maps), just search for Santha Martha Viewpoint. I have attached a screenshot below.

top things to do in santha marta

3. Hidden Cave

This was simply breathtaking… My mom and I spotted this place in a book that we found at our hotel sharing all the local secrets and this was definitely one! Even the employees at our hotel didn’t know this place existed! Visit this beautiful cave and hang out at Kalki Beach afterwards.

Top things to do in Curacao

How to get there?

You will have to drive to Kura Hulanda Lodge at Kalki Beach. Once you arrive, just head over to Reception and they will tell you how to get there.

5. Turtles

Have you ever seen so many turtles close to shore that you don’t even have to jump in the water to see them? No? Then you need to come here! Even if you have, you know how magical that experience was and that you wouldn’t hesitate twice to go back!

How to get there?

Search for Playa Piscado/Playa Grandi. You will soon realize that there are multiple Playa Grandi. The best chances of finding where you want to go is searching for Playa Piscado. Here is a little Google Map Pin to help you out!

TIP: After you are done swimming with the turtles, go have a little bite to eat at Restaurant Playa Forti that is really close. Going back to Willemstad, you won’t be able to miss it!

6. Wild Nature

Curacao is a country that has a lot of beautiful things to offer and its wild nature is part of it. Funny enough, the only swimmable beaches are on the South side of the island since on the North edge of the island the water is too rough. The North edge is where you will see the beautiful scenes of rough water crashing against the rocks. There are multiple spots that are called Boka but the one you should visit is Boka Tabla.

When you get there, you will have to pay a small fee but you will be able to visit 4 beautiful sites in one visit!


If you are planning to go to this beautiful island, let us know in the comments! Or have you been before and have some great tips of top things to do in Curacao? Make sure to comment them down below and share with everyone!

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    Wonderful article.. !!
    We do have wonderful beaches, great restaurants, sea aquarium, casinos & exciting night life..
    Our colorful Carnaval & Curacao Jazz Festival are particularly fun & exciting experiences as well.
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