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How to Cross Streets in Asia

If you’ve started planning your trip to Asia then by now you have figured out that traffic over there isn’t the same as in your hometown. And if you didn’t, well let us tell you that it’s crazy. Here is what we learned on how to cross streets in Asia

There are no rules.

Correction: there are no written rules.
Here is a gif to explain what we mean by crazy.

We thought we would share a few little steps on how to cross the streets in Asia.

Step 1

Forget all lessons you learned about traffic.

Step 2

Trust the people and just go into traffic or look for a local and walk next to them.

Step 3

Do not stop your pace or run, walk at a very predictable pace.

Step 4

Walk in a straight trajectory.

Step 5

Get to the other side safely.

If you have completed these steps enough, you will have mastered the craft of crossing streets in Asia. Congratulations!!
Last but not least, like for everything, there are always exceptions. Someone texting while driving is a good example of unexpected danger you should look out for, so always check either sides of the street before you follow these steps.

If any of you have funny stories of traffic in Asia we would love to read them below in the comments! Also, if you are planning on going to Indonesia, check out our 6 Places Not to Miss in Indonesia article!

Lastly (this time for real), be safe guys!

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