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6 Places Not to Miss on Your Next Trip to Indonesia

South East Asia is so big and there are so many things to see. This is why we thought we would introduce our top things per country to help you plan your trip. To start this series, here is our top places not to miss on your next trip to Indonesia

Indonesia is seriously amazing! There are places to meet every type of travelling. We were so happy to have started with this country because it meant that we started our 6 month adventure on the right foot. Without further talk, here are our 6 most favorite places in Indonesia (not necessarily in that order)

Kawah Ijen

When people talk about the island of Java, most people think of Mount Bromo and overlook Kawah Ijen. The majority of people that do end up going to Kawah Ijen is because it’s bundled up with a visit of the famous Mount Bromo. After we heard so much negative/neutral feedback, we decided to skip Mount Bromo altogether and focus our energy on Kawah Ijen. This was probably our best decision yet. The pictures speak for themselves but seriously, GO! It is simply breathtaking!

Hidden canyon

The next place you should not skip during your trip is the hidden canyon. It’s less than an hour away from Ubud. This beautiful Canyon is actually made of three parts. Do it with a guide. Seriously. Most places you go, you think “why do I need a guide? I can do this on my own.” This is not one of those places. We started the tour at the same time as one other couple who decided to go without a guide. Conclusion? They didn’t even make it through the first part before they headed back. Believe us. Take a guide. It lowers your chances of slipping and hurting yourself!

In conclusion, simply search “hidden canyon” in google maps. You’re welcome.

Rang Reng Waterfall

Another activity where it’s worth to take a guide. This waterfall might not be the most impressive one in Bali but it’s without a doubt the one where you’ll have the most fun.

The perk of having a guide is them showing you how to get in the waterfalls pools and helping you get out. It’s an overwhelming experience but it’s an amazing one. The whole tour is basically them helping you get in three different pools. We went right before raining season so the flow was really powerful which made it even more fun! You’ll thank us!

Kanto Lampo Waterfall

This waterfall is special in our hearts because you could climb it (with the help of locals of course). Also, chances are, you can have this waterfall all to yourself for a picture perfect Instagram post!

Also, there is a secret viewpoint that gives you a perfect spot for pictures right in front of the waterfall and slightly above in between the trees. Just ask any of the guides and they will happily bring you there!


We absolutely loved this city. Not only because of the two beautiful temples that are nearby but mostly due to the amazing people that live there. Everyone is so nice and there are so many little restaurants where you can eat amazing food. You can easily stay here multiple days and simply walk around and take in the city.

Nusa Lembongan

Last but certainly not least is this beautiful island not too far away by ferry from Bali. This island is marked by beautiful sunsets, a breathtaking lagoon and a great place called the devil’s tear. We won’t say more because we want you to go visit it for yourselves!

Hope you will add these to your list of places to see and if any of you have suggestions of places to go than make sure to put them in the comments for our next adventure plans and our fellow travelers! If you have been convinced, make sure to check out <here> our post on how to book cheap tickets in Indonesia!


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