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New York City on 35mm Film

New York City. People love it. People hate it. People love to hate it. There is something about this city that is just special. It inspires people and there is no question why. There is always something happening at every street corner. The architecture as well as the people can spark inspiration. Even if it is a hectic city, it’s oddly relaxing.

I went to New York City for the first time when I was 15 years old. It was a mother daughter weekend and I fell in love between Time Square and 5th Avenue. I don’t know if it was the tall buildings, the never ending streets. However, my love for the city started as a love-hate relationship. It seemed like I couldn’t love the city for more than 3 days.

This all changed during our first trip together. We decided to go to New York City for a whole week. However, instead of staying downtown in the city we picked an Airbnb in Williamsburg. This totally changed my love-hate relationship to a love relationship. It’s the perfect place to enjoy the city for an introvert like me. Since then, I always want to go back as soon as I have the chance. Here are a couple of analog shots from our last trip!

Analog snapshots

New York City

new york city

new york city

new york city

new york city

new york city

new york city

new york city

New york city

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    • Sara

      Thank you so much Aiko!

  1. Joshua Cruz

    What film and camera did you use? These photos are amazing.

  2. Sondre Nergård

    these pictures are outstanding, what camera did you use?
    Greetings from Norway

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