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Foresta Lumina Transports You to Another Dimension

Since a couple of years Moment Factory has created an immersive story that transports you into another universe for an hour or two. So when a friend asks you if you want to go with her, you say yes. This amazing event is called Foresta Lumina.

It has had an amazing success so they created four in total. If you ever have a chance to go. Do it. You will not be disappointed. Alright back to our weekend.


We packed our bags on Saturday morning and at Saturday 3pm we were off on our little road trip. We put on the radio and listened to all the hits and sang at the top of our lungs until we came close enough we had to concentrate on exactly where we were going. Let’s face it. Cheesy hit songs are fun. The chorus comes back enough that you remember the lyrics before the song is even over.

2 hours of singing out loud, we finally arrived at our campsite at Camping Pont Couvert. It’s safe to say we had the best camping spot possible. We are not big fans of seasonal camping. Camping yes but the places where people go every weekend during the whole summer and build decks around their RVs etc. That is just not us. We can tell you we were so happy to have the site that was furthest away from the entrance right above the water.

First things first, setting up the tent. Secondly, adventure out and investigate your surroundings with your camera. This means you basically run around like crazy trying to shoot as much as possible during golden hour. Third, after a couple of hours you get hungry and start making food. We had lovely veggie burgers if you wanted to know well a veggie paddy with ketchup. We were so excited at the supermarket, we forgot to buy any condiments. Oh well!  The best way to finish an average meal is to eat something sweet. You see where I’m getting at? Marshmallows!

Foresta Lumina

After taking care of our hunger, we got into the car and headed out to the event. Without spoiling anything to anyone who wants to go, it is simply amazing. The experience takes you to a whole new world. It’s as if you lived in a magical world that is hidden to the human eye and for only an hour you get a peak inside it.

Forest Lumina is a light and sound show. The event is based on a legend of the Parc de la Gorge and fairies. You see how it can’t be disappointing. I truly do not want to be the spoiler so just book the tickets and go.


After our amazing night, ice cream is the only way to finish an amazing weekend. Since we only brought yoga mats as our mattresses, it’s safe to say that we didn’t have the best nights’ sleep! Although, the joy of an early morning is an early start to the day. We had time to slowly wake up, go down to the river, pack all of our stuff and go to the Coaticook Laiterie. Their cookie dough ice cream is one of the best ones I’ve ever had! So, make sure to experience the combo: Foresta Lumina by night and Laiterie Coaticook by day.

Even if we only had 24 hours away from the city, it was a great adventure with friends. Waking up early makes time worth while.


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Foresta Lumina

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