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Southeast Asia Packing List for Her

It’s officially been over 2 years since our big trip around Southeast Asia and the travel bug has planted itself in me once again. As I can’t leave tomorrow morning for a new trip, I’ve decided to make a packing list that I will most definitely use next time!

Note: This is the amount of pieces of clothing that I would bring for any length of trip (even 6 months).

Packing List

  • (3) Dresses/Jumpsuits
  • (3) T-Shirts
  • (1) Long Sleeved Shirt
  • (1) Pants
  • (2) Shorts
  • (1) Sweater
  • (3) Swimsuits
  • (2) Pairs of Shoes

Dresses / Jumpsuits

Satin Dress | Striped Long Sleeve Dress | Linen Jumpsuit

I love dresses so this is why I want to bring two. A long jumpsuit with covered shoulders is perfect for when visiting temples but you could replace this by a maxi dress, maxi skirt or a pair of pants. PS: The jumpsuit is from an Etsy shop where you can pick the color you want!


Basic T-Shirt | Long T-Shirt | Boxy T-Shirt Long Sleeve  T-Shirt | Zip-Up Sweater

When picking the tops you want to bring, it’s best to choose darker colours since they don’t get dirty as fast (or so you can tell). If you do prefer lighter colours, pick a light grey or one that has a mixed blend of colours like the one above.

A long sleeve shirt is perfect for colder climates, to avoid mosquitoes in the evenings, or to protect you from the sun while driving all day on a scooter.

A zipped sweater is always a good idea even if you’re going to a warm country. Something to keep you warm in air conditioned places (especially trains and planes).


Wide-Cut Shorts | Patterned Shorts Leggings

Shorts are a must when going to a warmer climate. I love to bring a basic as well as a patterned pair of shorts so you can easily build different outfits.

One item of clothing that I found very useful is a good pair of leggings. They are very comfortable for travel days and on cooler days you can put them on under a dress.


Striped Swimsuit | Polkadot Swimsuit | Khaki Swimsuit

While going to a warm country, you can never bring too many bathing suits. I love one pieces so this is just a personal preference.


Birkenstocks | Vans

Last but not least, SHOES! The key is to not bring too many. I would stick with a pair that you would wear at the beach and one to wear when you need closed shoes like when riding a motorcycle or climbing a volcano!

Even though this is what I’m bringing, bring with you pieces where you feel comfortable in. If you are more into skirts, bring skirts. All that matters is to bring pieces that you love and will wear multiple times because you don’t want to carry around pieces that you will simply leave at the bottom of your backpack.

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