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Top Things to Consider While Planning Your Trip

So you’ve decided to go on a huge trip across ? Here are our suggestions to make sure you make the right choices before leaving and plan the trip of a lifetime!

Solo or travel partner?

Do you feel like going out on an adventure alone or live an experience of a lifetime with someone you care about? Travelling alone can be a great way to discover and push yourself in many different ways. Doing it with someone else allows you to share memories, split expenses and have someone to rely on if anything happens.


First thing you need to talk about is money. How much money do you have available that can be invested in your trip? This will help determine the rest of your plans.


Next up is how long do you want to leave for. Do you have 2 weeks? 1 month? 3 months? a year? Adding this information with your total budget, you can now calculate how much you want to spend per day. Making a daily budget will make your life much easier. Think even of getting an app on your phone that will make your life easier. We used Trabee. This was probably our best move and the app is free!


After you know how much money you can spend and how long you can leave for, it’s time to decide where you want to go. You have multiple options. Do you want to spend all your time in one place and grasp more of what the country has to offer? Do you want to split your time between two places? Or do you want to visit multiple countries to see as much of different places and cultures as possible?


Depending on where you plan on going and where you come from, visas and other immigration laws can vary. Always do your research beforehand, it might influence your destination choices. Note that some visas are easier and cheaper to get in Asia than back home.


To visit most countries in Southeast Asia you’ll need several vaccines. Depending on where you go and how long you stay, you might need vaccines that need to be injected in two or three shots spanning over period of weeks or months. Better be safe than sorry, start early enough to make sure you get all your injections before you leave.


This might not be the most extensive pre-trip checklist but it is a great start if you have the wanderlust in you and don’t know where to start. Answering these 6 variables will help you plan a basic outline of your future trip! Also you want to know what were our best decision made during our 6 month trip? Check out our post here!

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